Guide to Campus Network—For International Students

For all new international students, here is an introduction to our campus network services:

1. General Information

The campus network service of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is provided and maintained by Informatization Office. This office is responsible for offering superior network service to all school members. Our wireless network now covers most areas of the campus, including teaching zones and student dormitories.  

2. Payment Scale

Users are charged for the time they use on the Internet without data limit. The packages are as follow:


3. Campus Network Account

Campus network accounts for freshmen (both wired and wireless) have already been set up. The account is your campus ID. The initial password is the last six numbers of your birthday in order of year-month-day (e.g. if the birthday is March 15th, 1990, the password is 900315). For security concern, you are recommended to change your password by logging in the self-service system (– the account and password on this website share the same with your campus network account, as throughout). You can find these steps in the Q&A below.

The default package for freshmen is 80 Yuan/30 Days. To change that into 300 Yuan/120 Days, 50 Yuan/15 Days, 5 Yuan/Day or 60 Yuan/180 Hours, students can either book the package in the self-service system or change it in the one-stop service center located on the first floor of the Multiple-use Building.

4. Method of Usage

Wireless Network: The Wi-Fi in each dormitory building is “BLCU-BUILDING-XX”. In addition, the Wi-Fi is “BLCU” in the other areas on campus.

Wired Network:There should be one or two network sockets for desktop computer in each dormitory.

The campus network uses a web authentication login page. The wireless network requires a wireless signal (while the wired network requires a wired connection). The webpage you open without logging in your account will be re-directed to the login page automatically. You can login in with your account and password at or The login page is as below:

When finished, you can log out following the instruction at or

5. Payment Services

a. WeChat Pay: Log in to WeChat account and follow the BLCU Work WeChat account. Tap “网络服务” (Network) Services) and then tap “业务办理” (Services) button. Then tap “网络缴费” (Pay for the Network) to make the payment.

b. Online payment: Log in to the self-service system. Click “业务办理”(Operation) and click “网费充值”(Online Payment). Input amount and the verification code. Then, choose one mobile payment method in Alipay and WeChat Pay. Finally, finish the payment following the instruction on the webpage.

c. Transfer machine: Make sure you have sufficient balance on campus card. Pay for the network with your campus card on transfer machine. Transfer the money in the campus card to your network account. While using the transfer machine, you need to put your campus card on it and ensure the machine has already identified your card, then you should press the following buttons step by step: “校园卡服务” (Campus Card Service) — “自助缴费” (Self-service Payment) — “网费充值” (Network Recharging).

d. Cash recharging machine: Tap “网费现金充值” (Recharge Network Account by Cash) and input your network account or put your campus card on the scanning area. Make a payment. Follow the instruction to recharge.

Note: The payment is a one-way transfer. The money is deemed to be consumed. Any balance in the account will not be returned to you, so please pay according to your needs. Please check Frequently Asked Questions to find the locations of campus card transfer machines and cash recharging machine.

6. Period of Validity and Expiration of Campus Network Account

The period of validity of international students’ campus network accounts is in line with that of the campus card. If the campus card is postponed, so is the campus network account. You can check the valid time in the self-service system. After one year of the period of validity, Informatization Office will cancel the campus network account. The balance in the account, if any, will be considered uncollectible and will be turned in to school. The validity period of network account depends on the duration of your study time at school. For those who want to extend an account expiry date, valid documents are required to prove the study time.

7. Campus Network Self-service System

The website of the campus network self-service system is It has the same account and password as the campus network. Its principal functions are:

a. Checking the latest notices and information;

b. Self-service, including changing your password and personal information, booking disable/re-enable, reporting issues and changing packages;

c. Checking your balance, network details, and payment bills.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

A. How do I change my network package?

Log in to the self-service system, and click “Operation” – “Booking Package”. Choose your preferred package, and it will come into effect in the next period.

The new package you have booked will not come into effect until the current period commences. You can change it as many times as you like, but only the last choice will be valid for the system, which will be used until you next changed it. If you are not going to use the campus network during the holiday, please book your account disabled in advance.

B. How to change my password?

You can log in either the BLCU Work WeChat account, your campus network self-service system, Digital BLCU to change your password; you can also use transfer machine to reset your password. For the manual service, please call 82300062 or take valid identity documents to the one-stop service center.

C. How do I check details of my network account?

You can log in to the campus network self-service system to check your balance and detailed records of accessing the Internet. You can also check the network account details when log out.

D. How to visit IPv6 resources?

We do not charge for IPv6 service. This is BLCU’s IPv6 resources: (Recommendation: BLCU IPv6 network television

E. I still have balance in my account, but why does it still show “Account is suspended”?

If the balance in your account is not enough to pay for your network package, your account will be automatically suspended by the system and will be working if you recharge sufficient money into your network account. Your network package will be the one you booked in the last period. If your account is suspended, please recharge sufficient money into it via BLCU Work WeChat account, online payment on the self-service system, transfer machines or cash recharging machines.

F. How to report network-related problems?

You can report problems on line via BLCU Work WeChat account, the WeChat Official Account (blcuxinxi), the campus network self-service system, users service QQ group (123595213) or online query and network repair on Digital BLCU. You can also call 82300062 or go to one-stop service center to report network-related problems.

G. Locations of campus card transfer machines and cash recharging machines.

Transfer machines can be found in dormitory buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17, the 1st and 2nd floor in Qingyan Building, the third canteen in the residential area, one-stop service center and outside its south gate’s western side, the first floor of Run Run Shaw Teaching Building, the first floor of north building of Main Building, the first floor of Teaching Building 1, 4 and 5.

A cash recharging machine can be found outside one-stop service center’s south gate’s western side.


























1. 查看通知公告消息;

2. 自助办理修改密码、个人资料变更、账户报停、网络报修、网费充值、复通、更改套餐等业务;

3. 自助查询网费余额、上网详单、扣费账单等信息。











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