Guide to Campus Card — For International Students

1. Campus Card Introduction

The BLCU campus card is for personal identification and consumption of BLCU students and teaching staffs, which is required in the canteen, shower, shops, library, and the transfer machines for charging your network account.

The Campus Card Center, affiliated to Informatization Office, is a department of BLCU in charge of campus cards. It is mainly responsible for the maintenance and management of campus cards, including data collection, card production, card issuance, card loss reporting, cancelling reported losses, cancelling the campus card accounts, and delivering consulting services.

2. Obtaining Your Campus Card

International students will receive their campus card once they have enrolled at the college.  The first campus card is free of charge. Those who are late for enrollment should take your own valid identification documents (including passport, student ID, letter of admission, etc.) to get your campus card from their college office.

3. Conditions of Use

Always bring your campus card. Keep it properly and use it correctly. Do not bend, punch, or fold the card and keep it away from high temperature or wet places. A campus card is for the exclusive use of the individual to whom it was issued– it is non-transferable. If a card is loaned or given to anyone else, Informatization Office has the right to terminate the usage of the card and the card-authorized holder shall bear responsibility for all consequences.

Any lost or stolen campus card must be taken to the one-stop service center. Those in possession of other’s card will be punished by the university official, and may assume legal responsibility in serious circumstances.

4. Functions and Fee Scale 

Your campus card allows you to use the following:

·Purchase food in the canteen and items in the shops.

·Shower, charged for 0.1 yuan/min.

·Borrow books from the library.

5. Campus Card Recharging

You can recharge your campus card by WeChat Pay, Alipay, using bank account transfer machine and self-service cash recharging machine and manual cash recharging service.

a. WeChat Pay: First, log in the BLCU Work WeChat account. Second, tap “校园卡服务”( Campus Card Services)and tap “业务办理” (Services) button. Then tap “微信充值” (Recharge by WeChat Pay) and then you can proceed to recharge your campus card.

b. Alipay: You can log in to Alipay on PC or APP, enter the web page of “校园” (Campus), click the option of “充一卡通” (Recharge Campus Card) and recharge.

c. Transfer Machine: Bind the campus card to a Beijing ICBC debit card and recharge it by transferring.

d. Campus Card Self-service Cash Recharging Machine: You can use the self-service machine on the first floor and the third floor of the canteen (Qingyan building清晏楼) to recharge your campus card.

e. Manual Cash Recharging Service:  Recharge in the Qingyan Building or in the third canteen in the residential area.

After recharging the card through WeChat Pay or Alipay, you need to draw the money  by swiping your campus card on the Consumer POS Machines or transfer machines on campus.

6. Campus Card Password

The campus card has two types of codes: consumption code and inquiry code.

The consumption code is needed for consumption, and transferring accounts . Note: small expenses do not need the code. Your consumption code is required when a single consumption or the daily consumption exceeds prior limitation. The prior limitation is specifically set in the case of loss of campus card.

The inquiry code is required when you report your campus card loss on the “Self-service” on BLCU Work WeChat accountand log into the Campus Card self-service website (

Initially, the consumption code and inquiry password are the same, which is the last six numbers of the birthday of a cardholder (yymmdd). If that data is incomplete, the initial code is “888888”.

7. Consumption Maximum Limits of Campus Card

Single consumption limit and daily consumption limit are set to avoid the great loss after losing the campus card. The specific standards are as follows:


 (1) The consumption limits of campus card are set by the Department of Logistics Support. 

(2) If Meal Consumption Limit or Daily Consumption Limit exceeds the limit, the consumption password is required. 

(3) Meal Consumption Limit refers to the sum of each consumption during a meal time period (breakfast, lunch and supper), and Daily Consumption Limit is the sum of all consumption on the day. 

8. Reporting Campus Card Loss, Cancelling the Reported Loss, and Re-obtaining a New Campus Card

A. Reporting the loss of your campus card

If you lose your campus card, you can:

a. WeChat: Go to the BLCU Work WeChat account in your WeChat and tap “校园卡服务” (Campus Card Services). You will see a “卡挂失” (Reporting a Lost Campus Card) button in the “业务办理” (Operation) page;

b. Transfer Machine: Choose “自助挂失” (Self-service) in the “校园卡服务” (Campus Card Service) through transfer machine;

c. Website: Log in to the campus card self-service website and choose “自助挂失” (Self-service);

d. Self-reissuing Machine: Choose “自助挂失” (Self-service) to report;

e. Campus Card Cash Recharging Machine: Choose “自助挂失” (Self-service) to report;

f. Digital BLCU: Log in to Digital BLCU, and choose “校园卡挂失”(Report Campus Card Loss) or choose “自助挂失” by clicking “校园卡”(Campus Card) to access to the campus card self-service website;

g. Telephone: Call 82300062 to report the loss;

h. Manual service: Take your identity document and go to the one-stop service center to report the loss.

Note: Input the consumption password of your campus card when you report on the transfer machine, self-reissuing machine, and Campus Card Cash Recharging Machine. Input the inquiry password when you report on BLCU Work WeChat account, self-service website and Digital BLCU.

B. Cancelling the reported loss

If you find your lost card, please take your identity documents and the campus card to the one-stop service center to cancel the reported loss of the card.

C. Re-obtaining a new campus card

If you lose or damage your campus card and need a new one, you need to take your own identity documents to the one-stop service center and pay 20 Yuan for a new card. If the damage is not man-made without no clear abrasion on the card surface, the cardholder can receive a new card for free.

After you obtain a new card, the old one will be invalid. The user can draw the remaining balance in the old card through the transfer machine 48 hours after the reporting of card loss. Several methods to making the transfer:

a.Transfer Machine: Tap “领款服务” (Withdrawal Service) – “补卡冻结金额” (Frozen Amount Transfer after Reissuing Campus Card) – “确定” (Confirm);

b.Self-reissuing Machine: Tap “领款服务” (Withdrawal Service) –“领款” (Withdrawal);

c. Campus Card Cash Recharging Machine: Tap “领款服务” (Withdrawal Service) –“领款” (Withdrawal);

d.Manual service: Take your campus card and go to the one-stop service center to transfer the money.

9. The Validity Period and Extension of Campus Card

The period of validity of a campus card of international students depends on the duration of your study time at school.

The extension of a campus card of international students should be applied by the student themselves, and then verified by the office of students information management.

10. Campus Card Cancellation

After graduation, the campus card will not be collected. It will become an alumnus card with relevant rights without consumption function. The remaining balance can be drawn in the recharging place in Qingyan Building. Informatization Office will cancel the card records one year after the period of validity and the remaining balance will be treated as uncollectible and turned over to BLCU official.

11. Locations of Transfer Machines, Reissuing Machines and Cash Recharging Machines

The transfer machines can be found on the first floor of every dormitory building (except Building 6, 7 and 8), the 1st and 2nd floor in Qingyan Building, the third canteen in the residential area, one-stop service center and outside its south gate’s western side, the first floor of Teaching Building 1, 4 and 5, the first floor of north building of Main Building, and the first floor of Run Run Shaw Teaching Building.

Campus card reissuing machine is located outside one-stop service center’s south gate’s western side.

Cash recharging machine is located on the first and third floors of Qingyan Building.

12. Campus Card Self-service Platform

Website page: username is campus card ID. The password is campus card’s inquiry code. After login in, you can search for basic personal information, consumption details, recharging details, access details, etc.

13. Frequently Asked Questions

A. How to check the details of personal consumption?

Log in to BLCU Work WeChat account, Digital BLCU, campus card self-service platform, or transfer machine to check the details of personal consumption.

B. How to change the consumption code and inquiry code?

Consumption code can be changed by: taking valid identity documents and campus card to the one-stop service center to change the code, or use the   campus card cash recharging machine, self-reissuing machine, transfer machine to change the code.

Inquiry code can be changed by: taking effective identity documents and campus card to one-stop service center to change, or change the code via BLCU Work WeChat account or Digital BLCU.

C. What if the consumption or inquiry code was forgotten?

If you forget your consumption code, you can use the campus card cash recharging machine or  self-reissuing machine to reset the code. Or, you can go to the one-stop service center with your valid identity documents and your campus card to reset the code.

If you forget your inquiry code, you can use transfer machine or login to campus card self-service website by clicking “忘记密码” (forget the code) to reset. Or, you can go to the one-stop service center with your valid identity documents and your campus card to reset the code.

D. How to change the consumption limit of my campus card?

The consumption limit includes a limit of single consumption and a limit of daily consumption. Both limits can be changed through the transfer machines on campus as follows:

a:Limit of single consumption: you can change it by choosing “change single consumption limit” in the “campus card service” on the transfer machine.

b: Limit of daily consumption: you can change it by choosing “change daily consumption limit” in the “campus card service” on the transfer machine.

Also, you can change the limits through the POS machines on campus as follow:

a: Limit of single consumption: put your campus card on the machine and press enter; enter your consumption code and press enter; choose “change single consumption limit” and press enter; enter the new limit and press enter.

b: Limit of daily consumption: put your campus card on the machine and press enter; enter your consumption code and press enter; choose “change daily consumption limit” and press enter; enter the new limit and press enter.





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(1)修改餐限额:首先把校园卡放在POS机上,按下键盘确认键;输入6位消费密码,按确认;在出现的选择项中选择“2. 修改卡上餐限额”,按确认;输入新的餐限额,按确认即可更新校园卡的餐限额。

(2)修改日限额:首先把校园卡放在POS机上,按下键盘确认键;输入6位消费密码,按确认;在出现的选择项中选择“3. 修改卡上日限额”,按确认;输入新的日限额,按确认即可更新校园卡的日限额。